President’s Message by Matt Petersen                Last Updated: September, 2017


Matt Petersen
NEOK Chapter President

This is a word that means quite a bit when it comes to volunteering for any kind of society, club or organization. For most it means the reason why a person acts or behaves in a particular way, basically the general desire to do something. This can be bettering oneself, or the organization that the person belongs to. For ASHRAE members I believe not only are the volunteers motivated to help themselves, but also to help the organization from the local level up to the national and international levels.

Our first quarter of the new year is over and just seeing the motivation from the NEOK chapter chairs is impressing on me quite a bit. The golf tournament, MBO’s, scheduling of speakers, researching sustainability projects, refrigeration tours, newsletter articles are just a few motivational aspects our chairs are working on.

The annual NEOK golf tournament was well attended and from what I heard from participants is that it went great, with very little issues that will be addressed back to the course management. The golf committee worked hard to make this event fun for all. Now I would like to ask all golf tournament participants to be motivated to continue their activeness in ASHRAE for the rest of the year.
Members should be aware that our first chapter meeting is coming up the first week of October and I would like to see a record turnout for this meeting. Making it a great stepping stone for the upcoming year. The speaker for this meeting is Jim Aswegan who will be presenting Designing Air Distribution for Comfort and IAQ.

Our YEA committee is busy planning events for the year. They are looking for sponsors for each event so let’s get some companies motivated to sponsor our young engineers at these events. The sponsorship is a great way of getting our YEA members out to meet the older and more experienced generation. We can grow the chapter and, thus grow society, by having more members attend and to sustain their activity in the chapter.
The sustainability project and the refrigeration tour, both usually scheduled for the spring, motivates us to give back to our city, county and local metropolitan area. Both events are great to show how we as an engineering society are willing to help and to support our local economy and population. The chairs are hard at work trying to schedule these two events. With our new GGAC chair we will have another Day on the Hill scheduled in the spring as well. What a great year to belong to ASHRAE.

I myself am motivated to provide a strong leadership for this upcoming year. As the year progresses we will see our chapter grow and become stronger through new members, returning members, current members and reaching out to other engineering societies and local organizations to see where ASHRAE can assist these other groups and assist in growth for all societies.

I would like to thank the golf committee and participants in the golf tournament this year. I am pleased with the chairs for this upcoming year, getting their MBOs completed and newsletter articles out on time. This type of motivation makes the chapter stronger.

Matt Petersen can be reached at 918-665-6600 or matt.petersen@airetechcorp.com

Last updated: September, 2017