The First 30 Days

President’s Message by Matt Petersen                Last Updated: August, 2017


Matt Petersen
NEOK Chapter President

As anyone knows when you undertake a new position the first 30 days seem to be the most unorganized, the most challenging and the most cumbersome. Well, to say that and to last the first 30 days of the chapter presidency role is all that and more. From my normal duties of work and family and then transitioning from president-elect and newsletter editor it is essential to hit the ground running in the new role and the first 30 days.

First, an introduction. I have been an active member of ASHRAE since 2010 when I entered the HVAC industry. I have a Mechanical Engineering degree and a Masters in Business Administration. I have worked in engineering and technical support all my career, including aerospace, tempered safety glass and currently HVAC.

Though I have been officially the chapter president since July 1st, I have not been idle in transitioning to chapter president. Not everyone knows but even before the transition there were other aspects underway. In February I attended President Elect Training in Dallas and received additional training at the April CRC in Oklahoma City. Having to fill chair positions was also required before taking over. For our chapter this process was not as daunting as you may think. The NEOK chapter has a very enthusiastic membership so filling the positions was easier than I thought it would be. As the incoming president it is a pleasure to having the chair positions filled with a great team and I look forward to working with them and the chapter membership.

After July 1st, new chapter tasks arose include updating web sites, scheduling BOG, Chapter and Long Range Planning meetings, not forgetting about committee meetings. We have moved to a new meeting venue for the BOG meetings and are staying with Ti Amo Ristorante for our chapter meetings. All meeting dates are now reserved for both for the entire year. The first BOG and the Long Range Planning meetings have been conducted and now it is time to really get going on our first Research Promotion event of the year, the NEOK Annual Golf Tournament. This year we are returning to White Hawk Golf Club on September 14th. With the course under new management they have managed to keep the greens in tip-top shape. We look forward to a great day raising money for ASHRAE Research.

I have planned upcoming discussions with each chair to review the Management by Objectives for the upcoming year. I have also been contacted by the ASME Mid-Continent chapter to discuss opportunities for both societies to work together. We are planning to meet in the next few weeks, more to follow.

Society also requires many items to discuss, new goals to strive for and achieve, reports to be submitted and all done in time to make sure that the chapter is well represented at the CRC in the spring of 2018. I have had my planning meeting with our new DRC, Jon Symko, and am currently working on my first monthly report.

I do have some goals this year set for our chapter. I would like to see an increase in active members. This does not require becoming a chairperson, but it does require attending meetings and events. A lunch, a dinner meeting, a golf team, a skeet team. In all, just more participation from current non-active members. This not only helps NEOK, but it helps ASHRAE as a society. New members, retaining members and bringing in non-active members is a push by Society also. We will do the same at the chapter level. I have a goal of establishing a list of potential chairs, members that are active and may be a good fit for a chair position. I would like to see us, as a chapter, push for younger members.

I do want to thank Jeff Ferguson, our outgoing chapter president, for guiding me the past year, to assisting me in the transition to chapter president and to working with the PAOE tracking for the upcoming year. Also, I would like to thank the past officers and chairs from previous years making the transition to chapter president easier.

Matt Petersen can be reached at 918-665-6600 or matt.petersen@airetechcorp.com

Last updated: August, 2017