President’s Message by Matt Petersen                Last Updated: November, 2017


Matt Petersen
NEOK Chapter President

This word has many meanings, from recognition of good qualities, or gratitude or an increase of a financial investment. We all need to appreciate all things around us, including family, friends, customers, suppliers, coworkers, organizations and the list continues.

For us in ASHRAE we must appreciate what our organization provides and offers to all members, and even potential new members. From educating us in new technologies to showing us how to provide a HVAC system with codes and guidelines to lead the way. The ASHRAE team that reviews and questions our methods lead us to better applications. As we all know ASHRAE provides avenues that will assist everyone in Society. This is shown by way of white papers, codes and scholarships to name just a few. Each chapter has the resources available from Society to achieve success in more ways than one.

I know I appreciate everything Society does for us at the chapter level. I appreciate all members at the chapter level, both those that are highly active and also those that participate, but not as often. All the hard work to keep the chapter running smoothly is taken for granted from many members of each chapter. Please take the time this month and next to thank all members for having an active role in your local chapter. If you see someone that is not as active, thank them also for being a member or desiring to be a member. Let them know that Society and the local chapter are there for them and will assist where they can.

Myself, I truly appreciate all my family and friends for all they do for me and my family. My family is spread across the US and it seems it is more and more difficult to get together in one central location, or back home at grandma’s house. All of us have extended families that include friends, which seem to be everywhere. Even if you cannot visit, or spend time with them, do not forget to call. This time of year I think a lot of us tend to forget to appreciate those that are not as close as we would like them to be.

Our next chapter meeting, Consulting Engineers Promotion, is on December 6th. We will have Ryan Morris discussing Control of Heating and Chilled Water Pumping Systems. Please join us for this lunch meeting, and as always this is meeting is good for 1 CE hour.

Our second YEA event will be held at Fox and Hound on December 7th. This is an annual event and good time is always had by all. I am looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Everyone have a happy Thanksgiving, spend time with people you love, scratch your dog’s head every so often and appreciate everyone and everything you have.

Matt Petersen can be reached at 918-665-6600 or matt.petersen@airetechcorp.com

Last updated: Nov, 2017