GGAC Outreach

Grassroots Government Advocacy (GGAC)

Who We Are - The GGAC committee was created to allow Society and its local chapters to engage with elected and appointed officials at the State and Federal level to provide advocacy and support of sustainable practices, supportive legislation, and educational updates of tested and proven industry standards. Our goal is to inform decision-makers how their choices will ultimately impact sustainable built environments, our society, local industries, and forever shape the landscape of tomorrow through the policies, laws and regulations that are implemented today. We are not lobbyists, rather we are offering our remembers and our resources to serve as industry experts to provide information to the various government agencies when they have a defined need.

Chad Smith, Justin Stonehocker, David Brumbaugh, Jeff Ferguson,Brian Murry

Chad Smith, Justin Stonehocker, David Brumbaugh, Jeff Ferguson, Brian Murry

Society Level  - In an effort to translate ASHRAE’s positions and activities into easily understood and communicated concepts, Society and local chapters developed a series of policy briefs. These fact sheets are distributed to government officials and others with limited technical expertise, but who would benefit from information regarding ASHRAE and its activities. You can see the complete briefs by clicking on a link below:

Building Energy Data: A Critical Resource
Climate Change and Building Energy Efficiency
Consensus Standards: Expert Solutions to Meet National Needs
Energy Efficiency for Buildings and HVAC&R Equipment
Energy Use Metrics and Targets for Commercial Buildings
Research and Development Needs to Meet National Goals
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education & Competitiveness
Commercial Building Energy Use Disclosure

Local Level - Each year, a few ASHRAE members representing our chapter travel to the State Capitol. Our mission is to meet with key members of the House and Senate Energy committees and discuss proposed legislation that will affect Oklahomans and the industry we serve. We strive to inform our State leaders in an effort to help make sense of what policies will benefit the industry, our markets, local communities and Oklahomans in general.

Last updated: Oct, 2017